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Creating a just and sustainable world in which children thrive, contribute their gifts and find joy, love, and fulfillment.


We provide online courses grounded in scientific research, lots of helpful tips and resources and eco-friendly thank you note kits and related products.



Thanks for visiting our site and jumping in to discover how teaching kids the social emotional skills will be life changing for them and for you. 


Groundbreaking research by Jeffrey Froh PhD  of Hofstra University documents that grateful children are happier, more generous,  more connected to families and communities and more successful in life.


Parents, grandparents, youth leaders and educators kept telling us about their growing concerns about entitlement, materialism, disregard for others and for our environment. 


This lead us on a quest to discover all the relevant research and knowledge of top neuroscientists, psychologists, environmental educators, parenting experts, happiness and gratitude gurus as well as wise leaders of indigenous cultures and the back to nature movement. 


We discovered we have an amazing opportunity to challenge the self-focused, commercial world we live in and build anew a culture of gratitude and kindness - one in which I am more than what I own, I am connected, and I care about you and about Mother Earth.


Please join us as we take on the challenge to turn things around. Start with our tips and eco-friendly thank you note kits. And be sure to sign up for our online course, "Mastering the Art of Raising Great Kids."


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Creating a just and sustainable world in which children thrive, contribute their gifts and find love, joy and fulfillment.

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