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The  7 Cs of the

Gratitude Connection

Gratitude Leads to:

Conscious Awareness

Understanding our thoughts and feelings ● learning and growing ● mindful living ● noticing and appreciating the gifts we are given


Fostering positive relationships

● remembering we are not isolated

and separate ● building community

● embracing our diversity

● saying thanks


Honoring moral values ● expressing compassion ● kindness ● generosity ● integrity ● social justice

Commitment to the Environment

Caring for our resources and our planet ● ensuring a healthy future for generations to come

● reusing and recycling ● sharing nature with our children


Experiencing enthusiasm ● love ● happiness ● emotional resilience


Creating a culture in which children will thrive and are empowered ● mindfulness ● spreading optimism, peace and positivity


Inspiring purposeful, meaningful action ● being part of something larger than oneself ● making a difference ● finding joy in giving time, volunteering, donating

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