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Stepping Into the 21st Century –

New Challenges, New Opportunities,

New Thinking for Parenting

Given the rapid changes happening in our culture – in technology, environment, social values, in families and communities – new thinking and a new narrative about parent child interaction is

called for.

As a companion to the book “Hooray for Parenting” this workbook (which can be used as a personal journal, with a friend or partner, or in group discussion) is designed for anyone who wants to set aside time to understand how their own mindset plays an important role in their interactions with their children, and discover effective, empowering ways of being as a parent raising children in the 21st Century.


Here’s what people are saying !!!

A New Future for parenting!

I just could not put this workbook down. I'd say to myself, "OK, one more exercise" and I would just keep reading and discovering. I couldn't get enough of this groundbreaking workbook. Here are my 3 favorite parts: 1. As a teacher, parents often ask me how to support their children. I now have a resource to hand them. 2. I love the possibility of a "win/win" situation. It's not just parents parenting the children. It's parents AND children growing, thriving and learning 3. The workbook gets you "in the game". As you do the exercises, you are actively participating in creating a new future for yourself, your children.....the world!   - Leslie O'Neal

A Tool Every Parent Needs

As a young mother, I remember looking everywhere for resources to help me make sense of my new role as a parent. This workbook was exactly what I wanted to help me sort out my own beliefs and values and to help me navigate the uncertainty of raising great kids. If you are a parent who is looking for something to help you, look no further. This is the tool EVERY parent needs!  -  Kelli Watson

A Must for Any Parent

This workbook covers a wide variety of topics! It seems the author has covered everything! I love that I can jump straight to topics I am interested in or that concern my family, you do not have to follow the workbook in the order given. I also love how the author asks questions about our (the parents) own childhood that really makes the reader think about what worked for their families growing up and what we could change now as parents ourselves. Amazing workbook that every parent should work through to gain a better understanding of both ourselves and our children!   -  Tamera Galdamez


A must have guide to mindful parenting!

This is the perfect way to put the ideas in Hooray for Parenting into practice. As a mother, educator, and naturalist the workbook helps me to deeply examine my priorities and give me tools to bring my best, mindful self to my relationships. The practical tips for getting children outside and fostering nature connection are excellent and critically important. This workbook is a terrific addition to any mom's group and has been immensely helpful for me while stepping into the homeschooling arena. -  Heather Perretta


Asks the right questions to elicit the answers I was looking for.

Chuck full of helpful exercises, this workbook allows you to identify what you would like, and where you a putting your energy. Such a simple concept and yet so illuminating. The author encourages you to skip around and choose the exercises that speak to you.
A truly worthy investment of my time.   -  Amazon Customer


Wonderful roadmap for parents!

I really enjoyed this book. I found the workbook to be an extremely helpful reference when giving advice to my friends and family. I like Jackie's advice on parenting groups and how much detail she gave on that topic. Highly recommended!!!   -  Andy


Not just for parents

It may seem odd that a non-parent would read a book on parenting. Since I have an interest in the current and future generations this book sparked my curiosity.
Hooray for Parenting is more than just about raising good kids. It is a life lesson in understanding, compassion, and our connection with nature. Something we can all benefit from.
I would highly recommend this book for anyone.  -  Edward and Cynthia Wren


Excellent resource for parenting and relationships

There are wise, helpful insights and guidelines in helping us all bring out our better selves in the challenging job of parenting and relationships. Hooray for Jackie!!  -  Dave39


 Supportive coaching guide to Parenting

This workbook is amazing, it helps you deepen your relationship by feeling connected with your kids and your inner child.   -  Alondra


Great Resource for all parents

Great workbook for parents with children of all ages! Interactive and easy to understand. Highly recommend!   -  Juana M

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