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Back Cover for Jackie's book "Hooray for Parenting! Your Guide to Raising Great Kids"

Even the best, most loving parents have self-doubts sometimes, and all good parents worry about their kids and their future. Hooray for Parenting, Your Guide to Raising Great Kids offers the skills and tools you need to help you master parenting in a mindful manner--helping you to react less emotionally and bring   more thought and care to every decision, action and communication you have with your child.

The result? A child who grows into a confident, caring and resourceful adult. It’s the best gift you can give as a parent!

In this book you’ll learn:

WHY being committed to learning and growing along with your kids makes you a more effective parent. Embracing change and focusing on mutual growth rather than looking for a simple "right" or "wrong" way to raise kids leads to more joy and confidence.

HOW empowering children is different from building self-esteem. Instead of praising kids for everything they do, you’ll learn to help them solve problems on their own and manage their feelings and behaviors.

WHY modeling gratitude--versus telling them to be thankful--can help youngsters build a sense of appreciation in their own lives. It’s an important habit will serve as a guiding principle in their lives—and they’ll thank you

for it!

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