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Head shot of Jackie Michel,  author of "Hooray for Parenting!  Your Guide to Raising Great Kids
Image of Book Cover for "Hooray for Parenting!"
Jackie Michel

As a veteran psychotherapist and executive coach, Jackie synthesizes the latest insights from positive psychology, the growth mindset, leadership, neuro-science and the children and nature movement in ways that are relevant and meaningful to today's parents.

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Parents, grandparents, youth leaders and educators kept telling me about their growing concerns about entitlement, materialism, disregard for others and for our environment. 


This led me on a quest to discover all the relevant research and knowledge of top neuroscientists, psychologists, environmental educators, parenting experts, happiness and gratitude gurus as well as wise leaders of indigenous cultures and the back to nature movement. 


I discovered that we all have an amazing opportunity to challenge the self-focused, commercial world we live in and build anew a culture of gratitude and kindness - one in which I am more than what I own, I am connected, and I care about you and about Mother Earth.

Head shot of Jackie Michel, author of Hooray for Parenting

Meet Jackie Michel,
Executive Coach, Consultant, Workshop Leader, and Psychotherapist


Married and grandmother of 6, ages 8 to 19.


Jackie’s career has focused on breakthrough thinking, personal and professional effectiveness, well-being and the mastery of life skills. She has authored a variety of transformational workshops on mastery, leadership, communication, creativity, life-work balance, parenting, and personal growth.


In her upcoming book, Hooray for Parenting, Your Guide to Raising Great Kids and in her online course, Mastering the Art of Raising Great Kids, she brings her vast experience to the challenges of raising children in today’s world.  She introduces exciting research on happiness, gratitude, emotional and social development, connection to nature, and how the new science about the brain helps us understand ourselves and our kids.

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