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Wise and Conscious Pandemic Parenting

Prioritize handling your own stress and burnout

  • Get enough sleep

  • Exercise

  • Eat regular meals

  • Connect with others

  • ry meditating, deep breathing

Set aside 20 or30 minutes to play with your kids, if they seem to be wanting and consuming all your time.

  • Put away the phone, turn off the TV, don’t be distracted

  • Let them tell you what they would like to do during that special time

  • Make sure they understand that you can be with them for the specified time – setting a timer helps

Empower your kids to play by themselves

  • Make believe and imaginative play helps kids deal with their own stress and foster creativity

  • Having too many toys around can be overwhelming – putting some away in the closet and setting out a few at time helps kids focus and get engaged

Inspire cooperation and participation in family chores.

  • This relieves you of having to do it all

  • It is a welcome antidote to that sense of entitlement

  • Young kids usually love to help. It builds confidence, self esteem and a sense of pride

  • Getting kids off their devices, even if they are a little resistant to helping out, teaches them responsibility, a work ethic and the value sharing together as a family


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