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7 Steps Guaranteed to Make a Difference for Anyone Passionate About Raising Great Kids


Think of parenting as a growing experience and learn to relate to your child as unique - as an individual with his or her own ideas, interests and interpretation of the world.

Be curious about how your children interpret the world and their experiences.  The stories or narratives they create about themselves, and others have a major, even life-long impact.

Talk with your children about values, purpose and meaning in your life and theirs. Plan on special times together and be 100 percent focused and present, setting aside all distractions and devices.

Get out in nature with the kids.  Besides the value to their health and well being, there is the opportunity for them to experience and be grateful for the gifts of the natural world.  Help them respect our resources and teach them to reuse and recycle.




Teach gratitude and kindness. Notice together the big and small ways in which you and your child are supported by the conveniences and actions of others every day.



Be confident in the value of setting limits and saying no when appropriate.  Giving in, just because kids are whining or begging, is doing them no favors, and definitely not the source of long term happiness for them or for you.


Be sure to have a community of friends or a support group where you can honestly and openly discuss your challenges. Remember, parenting is an art that requires flexibility, self-awareness, and creativity.

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